Tell Mayor Berry and the ABQ City Council: Don't bulldoze the Bosque!

Last week, the City of Albuquerque began plowing a trail through the Bosque with no notice to the public or comment taken. A 6-foot-wide trail has been bladed and leveled from Central to I-40, impacting the most sensitive riverfront part of the ecosystem.

The city had promised to allow the public to review and comment on specific design options and to conduct an environmental review before any plan was adopted and undertaken.

Councilor Isaac Benton has now introduced a resolution that would halt the construction and require the mayor to comply with environmental and cultural resource laws. The bill will be considered Wednesday, Feb. 18. Please use the form to send a note to the Albuquerque City Council telling them not to bulldoze the public's trust by continuing construction on our beloved Bosque! Please edit the sample note to use your own words. Your comments are more effective when they are personalized.