Keep fracking away from Chaco Canyon 

landing-page-action-NME.jpgFracking close to ancient pueblos? Near a landscape dripping with thousands of years of history and culture?

Nothing about it is a good idea.

Yet oil and gas companies have put a proposal on the table to frack within a quarter mile of New Mexico's Chaco Canyon. We've got to send a strong message to our decision-makers that New Mexicans aren't going to stand by and watch dirty and dangerous fracking threaten a sensitive and sacred place like Chaco Canyon.

Will you tell our decision-makers to keep drillers away near one of the best places in New Mexico?

Subject: Keep fracking away from Chaco Canyon
Please keep fracking away from Chaco Canyon.

Chaco Canyon is an incredible landscape with ancient pueblos that are more than a thousand years old. Fracking would threaten the park's sensitive environment and rich cultural history.

Please take these immediate steps to protect Chaco Canyon and other special places from the threats of fracking:

- Keep fracking away from our national parks, including Chaco Culture National Historical Park; and

- Close loopholes - especially the one exempting billions of gallons of toxic fracking waste from our nation's hazardous waste law.